Buying a New Home? How to Tell if the Windows Need Replacement

replacement windows

Whether you just bought a new home or are in the process of buying, the condition of the home’s windows are an important consideration. Identifying any windows that need replacement will help you estimate investment costs and plan ahead to create a safe, comfortable home for you and your family.

To determine which windows need attention, check the following:

Window locks and latches.  Do they fasten completely and make the window secure against drafts and intruders?

Window panes.  Are any panes broken or cracked? Do they fit snugly in the frames, also called “sashes,” that hold them in place? How many panes are contained in one sash? For windows that have more than one pane, is there moisture between the panes?

Sashes that open and close.  Do the sashes move freely, or do they stick? Which direction does the window open?

Framework and surrounding areas, including both interior and exterior surfaces.  What are the sashes and main window frames made of? Does the framework show signs of deterioration? Are the corners developing gaps? Are there air leaks? Do you see peeling paint, water stains or mold anywhere?

Basement egress windows.  Is the window opening large enough for a firefighter in full gear to pass through? Are the windows’ dimensions in compliance with local codes and regulations? Can the window can be secured from the inside? Does it unlock, open and close easily?

Protection from the sun. Do the windows stop harmful ultraviolet, or “UV,” rays from entering the home’s interior?

Give Top Priority to These Windows

In any home, safety and security come before all else. Four points stand out:

  • Windows with defective locks or latches that cannot be repaired must be replaced. Replace all cracked or broken glass.
  • If the basement does not have doors that open directly outdoors and the basement will be used for anything other than storage, functional egress windows of proper size are of utmost importance. There should be one for every sleeping room as well as one for the living area.
  • Air leaks and moisture problems often originate from faulty window design, improper installation, or deterioration of framing and caulking. Because moisture or water damage leads to further structural problems in the home as well as the formation of mold and mildew, such problems must be immediately addressed.
  • If the direction a window opens poses a hazard, replace it with one that opens a different way. For example, a large window that opens into a small room could be replaced with one that slides sideways or opens outward.

Window Replacements That Save Money and Make Life Better

Your next considerations are improvements that lower energy bills and help your family enjoy using the windows.

  • Making use of windows for adequate ventilation and temperature control saves heating and air conditioning costs. If you have windows that don’t open or that are not placed correctly, new windows may be the solution.
  • Window materials, number of panes, glazing and caulking all make a difference in how well windows insulate. Replace those that do not provide a thermal barrier between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Add glazing or replace windows that allow harmful UV rays into the room. If the home is in a noisy location, replace windows that do not insulate adequately against sound.
  • If windows stick, there may have been slight settling of the entire house. Try rubbing the blunt end of a candle on sash edges that should slide easily. If that does not help, you may need expert help in replacing the window.

Final Considerations

Lastly, consider changing out ugly windows for ones that enhance the home’s appearance and add value to your home. Garden windows, for example, make a room seem larger than it really is and give the airy feeling of being outdoors.

XO Windows Makes Window Decisions Easy for Arizona Residents

Residents of Phoenix and nearby cities know that XO Windows is the place to go when their windows need replacement or repair. Our window experts are happy to help, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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