Making Sure Your Glass Patio Doors Are Energy Efficient

Glass patio doors are a beautiful addition to any home and one that contributes to its unique design style and overall value. But here in Arizona, where desert nights get chilly and daytime summer temperatures like to linger around the triple digits, it is equally important to make sure your glass doors are as energy efficient as possible.


Doors that are old, poorly sealed or not installed properly can result in air leakage and a loss of heat through a process called conduction. And, because glass is a poor insulator to begin with, taking steps to improve the energy efficiency of your patio doors can go a long way toward saving money on heating and air conditioning throughout the year.

When installing or replacing glass patio doors in your Arizona home, XO Windows recommends keeping in mind the following energy efficiency factors:


R-value tells you how well your windows or glass doors resist the flow of heat. It involves a specific formula that takes into account the size of the exposed area and the total rate of heat flow through the glass. A higher R-value indicates a more energy-efficient window.

U-factor (or U-value)

Different from R-value, U-factor measures the actual amount of heat transfer to determine how well a window is insulated. The range is usually between 0.25 and 1.25, and here a lower number indicates a more energy-efficient window. You can use this helpful chart to find the ideal U-factor for your climate zone.


Low-E Glass

Low-emissivity (low-E) glass is a relatively new but increasingly popular option for improving energy efficiency in windows and glass doors. A microscopic coating on the glass helps reflect light and heat back to its source. It also impedes a considerable amount of radiant heat and helps to decrease heat flow through the window.

Proper Sealing

Weatherstripping and caulking your windows and glass doors isn’t just about keeping out moisture and cold air. Proper sealing also helps keep the indoor air in and conserve energy by plugging up any openings that may allow air to escape. This helps homeowners save money and still stay cool during the summer months.


Still need help choosing the perfect patio doors? Talk to the experts.

XO Windows offers a wide selection of sliding, swinging and folding glass patio doors to improve energy efficiency and enhance the beauty of your Arizona home. All of our patio doors feature LoĒ³-340 glass, proven to block up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation and provide year-round comfort by blocking solar heat and reducing heat loss during the winter.

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How to Choose a Perfect Patio Door

A patio adds a nice touch of outdoor living to your home. While it is important to make sure your patio is beautiful and functional, it’s also important to choose the right door to connect the patio to your house. There is a huge variety of patio doors to choose, so it’s helpful to understand your options.



The style of patio door you choose will make a big difference to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. It is important to choose a door that blends well with the rest of the house and provides a sense of unity in design. XO Windows has several styles to choose from, including:


1. Sliding Doors

XO Windows has many different sliding glass door designs to consider, including single and multi-slide doors. These doors are tough, durable, and attractive. While available in several options, the multi-slide door represents an impressive leap in technology, made from an anodized bronze framing system, and available in a 2, 3, or 4-track framing system, which ensures ease of motion—even after years of use.


2. Swinging Doors

If you want a look that’s more classic, swinging doors might be right for you. These doors are built just as tough as their sliding counterparts. Swinging doors can be set up to swing in or out, or even both ways, so planning your floor space is a must.


3. Folding Doors

If you have a larger patio opening, or just want something a little different, you might want to consider folding doors. While not as common as sliding or swinging doors, this option provides a unique, luxurious way to transition between your house and patio.



Just as it is important to pick the right style, it is equally important to choose the right materials.  XO Windows has several materials to choose from, including vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Regardless of the material you choose, our doors are made to be tough and dependable. They offer security and peace of mind, and what’s more, they come in a variety of colors and custom options to make sure your new or replacement patio door matches your home perfectly.


And if that weren’t enough, XO Windows proudly offers LoĒ³-340 glass in all of our patio doors, which provides unparalleled savings and protection from the sun. LoĒ³-340 glass is proven to block up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation, while providing year-round thermal comfort by blocking solar heat in the summer and reducing heat loss during the winter.


Regardless of which option you choose, XO Windows has the right patio door for you and your home. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.


Sliding Patio Doors: An Architectural Trend in 2015

Sliding doors have been steadily growing in popularity for years. Now that 2015 has rolled around, they can be considered a full-blown design trend. What, precisely, is the appeal of this particular design choice?

Letting more light into a residence and simultaneously creating more living space, as these doors do, is a no-brainer for most homeowners. But that barely scratches the surface.

How A Sliding Door Works

Sliding glass doors move smoothly on tracks and require virtually no effort to use on the part of the homeowner. They are outfitted with multiple lock points for extra safety. Certain glass and aluminum doors can be operated by remote control to make them even easier to use.



Doors and windows are the standard mode of entering, leaving, and letting light into a building. Sliding glass doors combine these utilitarian household necessities into one smooth, visually appealing architectural feature.

Multi slide doors allow the homeowner to slide open different sections of panels at a time depending on what combination is desired. Similarly, bifold doors can be folded outward to create a more seamless connection with the outside world. Whether they fold, slide, or lift, these doors and panels have become a coveted part of the new home construction and remodeling landscape.

Uniting the Indoors and Outdoors

What if being inside could feel more like being outside without undesirable temperature changes? Sliding glass doors help make this possible. Homeowners are separated from the outside’s cold or sweaty weather while still gaining the benefits of light that brightens up every corner of an otherwise dark home.

Corner-Less Installations

Homeowners who want to maximize their home’s connection to the outside can opt for corner-less installations. In this design, corners are eliminated by a set of two panels meeting where the outside or inside corner would be. Such a scenario is ideal for a covered patio or other outdoor space that benefits from being attached seamlessly to the indoors.

Expanded Livable Area and Natural Light

Standard doors take up space when they swing inward or outward. A sliding door, however, simply moves along the same thin course, conserving space so that the homeowner can enjoy an increased living area.


Energy Efficient and Financially Savvy

Sliding doors have an interlock seal at the center rail which protects the home from intrusive air, while a heavy duty weather stripping process prevents outside elements like rain, dust, wind and even noise from infiltrating. Low-E glass and other options, as well as UV coatings and dual glaze, are all available outfitting choices.

XO Windows offers the ultimate in energy efficiency with its EnergyCore™ multi-slide doors, which are made with LoĒ3-366 triple silver insulated glass ─ the best of the best when it comes to thermal efficiency.

Sliding Door Sizes

A sliding door can come in a variety of sizes calibrated to fit an individual homeowner’s specific needs. They may be as wide as 20 feet and as high as 12 feet. Single panels may run anywhere from two to four feet long. In the case of a sliding glass wall, however, panels may run up to 12 feet wide. Walls can be designed with two 12-foot panels that combined create a glass expanse of 24 feet, allowing for a clear opening up to 12 feet. Adding to the appeal and flexibility of the door, each panel may operate independently from the other to allow more or less air to enter the home.

The Sliding Door: a 2015 Design Trend For a Reason

Sliding doors are versatile, possessing the capability to extend natural light into a home and unite the indoors with the outdoors in a special way that other types of doors and windows cannot. By saving space, they also expand the livable areas of a home.

XO Windows has a wide range of patio doors available, including sliding, swinging and folding doors.  Contact us today for an estimate: 602-396-4825.