Everything You Need to Know About MI™ EnergyCore Windows

Choosing the right windows is one of the most important steps you can take toward making your home more energy efficient—and saving a bundle on your energy bill. The average U.S. home loses about 30 percent of its heating and cooling energy through windows, which means you want a window that keeps heat outside your home in the hottest weather and inside your home during colder months. (Okay, cooler months. It is Phoenix, after all.)

But is there a window that can do that and still look beautiful? Yes.

The MI EnergyCore Window System delivers superior performance without compromising style and functionality. In addition to being one of the most energy-efficient window systems available, it comes in a wide variety of size options to match any décor.

What makes MI EnergyCore windows different?

Each MI EnergyCore window frame is manufactured with a patented, 100 percent recyclable AirCell™ PVC material that is co-extruded and thermally bonded. The result is a fully insulated, corner-welded frame that ensures superior energy efficiency, strength, and security. Designed to support triple-pane insulating glass, the EnergyCore frame is also reinforced with aluminum at the lock rails for maximum security.

Several air and water barriers are engineered into the EnergyCore window panel and frame interface to keep your home interior dry even during monsoon season. These barriers include multiple contact points of weatherstripping and/or compression bulbs, interlocking meeting rails, and a pocketed sill with a sloped drainage path.

What does all of this mean in terms of energy efficiency?

The strength of the window frame, combined with the built-in air and water barriers, makes the MI EnergyCore window six times more effective than fiberglass, four times more effective than rigid PVC, and three times better than wood at blocking thermal conductivity.

When we combine the MI EnergyCore frame with our high-performance, triple-pane, argon-filled TMAX glass packs, the resulting window exceeds ENERGY STAR® requirements by 30 to 50 percent and meets the requirements for the U.S. Department of Energy R-5 program for high-performance windows. (R-value indicates how well a window resists the flow of heat, and R-5 windows are considered the most highly insulating and energy-efficient windows.)

All styles of the MI EnergyCore window series, including the R-5 insulating window, have been tested to an AAMA Performance Grade 40 or above.

How do MI EnergyCore windows help homeowners save money?

In a nutshell, energy-efficient windows help reduce energy consumption. And when your heating and air-conditioning costs go down, so do your monthly utility bills. Whether you are buying a new home or thinking about replacing your existing windows, consider the MI EnergyCore Window System from XO Windows and see what a difference the right windows can make. Contact us today to find out more.