Install the Correct Windows for Your Arizona Home

The Metropolitan Phoenix area is a unique place to live.  The scenery changes from cacti to evergreens within a few hours’ drive, the transplanted population creates deep diversity and the weather dictates everything from daily activities, to styles, to hobby choices.  The weather also affects the way houses are built in Arizona; the design and architecture are very different from others region.  What does this mean to you when you are shopping for new windows?

We know, like the good consumer you are, that you do your due diligence and research before you make a significant purchase.  Where are you going to do the majority of your research?  Online, of course!  But the web, usually an all encompassing research tool, isn’t going to serve you properly in this arena.  Because the majority of window installation and window repair tips and blogs you will find are not region specific.  In fact, the information you glean from them isn’t going to prepare and inform you properly regarding windows for your desert Phoenix home.

Did you just have an “ah-ha” moment?  XO Windows desires to be your window consultant and to help provide you with many of those moments and information that will help you with your window installation, retrofit or repair.  Here are 5 more tips that you might not have thought about.

1.  You live in an oven for two months in Arizona, so when you are looking at installing windows you really need to keep the summer  months in mind.  Saving energy is important, especially because installing the proper windows can save you 7-24% on your energy bills.  Look for ENERGY STAR certified windows.  These windows have a microscopic coating on the glass that helps reflect light and heat.  This coating also helps decrease the amount of heat flow through the window.

2.  Another great thing about shopping local for your windows is that you will be working with individuals who are experts in windows and in the region itself.  Also, many local window providers run specials and incentives that you can take advantage of; check in to their available warranties and window financing options to make sure that you get the best window for the best price.  When you are looking for a professional installer, a specific qualification you should search for is AAMA certified; these installers will produce the best results and are a consumers’ best choice.

3.  Arizona homeowners need to have double or even triple paned windows installed in their homes.  Single paned windows might cut it in San Diego or Miami, but not in Phoenix.  Most of Arizona’s homes do have at least double paned windows.  When you have double paned windows, sometimes moisture can gather in between the panes of glass, which is called “weeping windows.” If you have a windows that is displaying this, it could mean that the window needs to be replaced.

4.  Arizona is hot, hot, hot and then it pours sheets of rain for several days.  The long summers and then the monsoon and Haboob seasons create problems for soil, wood and seals.  When you consider that an estimated 10-25% of your utility costs leak out through ill-maintained or incorrectly installed windows, you will see that, specifically in a desert region, it is important to have the correct window installed properly.

5.  Another reason why XO Windows is the perfect Arizona window replacement and installer is because some of our windows are born and raised here in the desert.  So you know they are going to be region specific, match the typical Southwestern architectural style, and be prepared for the weather.  We strategically work with Solar Industries, Inc., a manufacturer out of Tucson, as well as other trusted and quality brands such as: MI Windows and Doors, JELD-WEN and Western Window Systems.

Arizona is a unique place to live, right down to the window panes in our homes.  With this helpful information, you will be sure to make correct, region-specific choices when your home or project needs new or replacement windows.

Stephanie Drescher is a professional blogger for XO Windows. The company that provides complete, accurate and on-time delivery for all of your vinyl, aluminum windows and all of your window product needs

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