MI EnergyCore™ Windows: What’s the Fuss?


When you’re deciding on windows for a newly constructed home or replacing older windows in your current home, which windows do you choose? Do you know where to begin?

All windows are not created equally, so it’s a good idea to determine what you want to accomplish with your new panes. Would you like a better view of the outdoors? How about energy-efficient windows that are aesthetically pleasing? Is that even possible? What’s all the fuss about MI EnergyCore™ Windows?


No fuss. Just bliss.

The MI EnergyCore Window System combines the best of both worlds — energy efficiency and elegance. This system is designed for the best performance without compromising style. These insulating windows are strong, super energy-efficient, and available in a wide selection of aesthetically pleasing options for your home.


Strong, secure, stylish.

The MI EnergyCore frame is manufactured with a patented AirCell PVC material that is not only a great insulator, but also built for strength. The frame supports triple pane insulating glass for a huge selection of residential sizes and styles to match any home decor. And, for maximum security, the frame is reinforced with aluminum at the lock rails.


MI EnergyCore windows are engineered with water and air barriers, and a pocketed sill with a sloped drainage path so water stays out of your home – even in the harshest weather conditions.


The MI EnergyCore Difference

The strength of the window frame combined with built-in air and water barriers makes the MI EnergyCore window six times more effective than fiberglass, four times more effective than rigid PVC, and three times better than wood at blocking thermal conductivity. That means the heat stays inside your home during colder months and outside your home in the hottest weather.


Choosing energy efficient windows saves money.

Replacing old drafty, leaky windows or choosing energy efficient windows for your new home can save you a bundle of money on your utility bills. When you choose an MI EnergyCore window frame coupled with a high-performance, triple pane, argon-filled TMAX glass packs, you get a window that exceeds ENERGY STAR® requirements by 30-50%. That can significantly lower your heating and air-conditioning costs.


If you’re trying to decide between style and energy efficiency, you don’t have to choose. The MI EnergyCore Window System makes it possible to have the best of both worlds. Find out more about XO Windows’ large selection of attractive, energy-efficient MI EnergyCore window options to fit any decor.