Protect Your Home From UV Rays This Summer With New Windows

UV ray blocking windows

When it comes to shielding ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays, we probably already know to take proper precautions by wearing sunscreen, using protective eye wear, and limiting our exposure, especially during bright, sultry days.

Although the outdoors do pose a significant risk for you and your family due to direct contact, researchers have recently discovered that even indoor living spaces are not exempt from the effects of sun exposure.

Ultraviolet Rays and Their Health-Related Risks

The sun’s light and heat are directed to Earth in the form of radioactive UV (ultraviolet) rays. It’s no surprise that natural radiation contained in sunlight, although necessary to maintain life on this planet, can cause serious health issues, including skin cancer.

The sun emits several types of UV rays. Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays are typically responsible for sunburns. These rays are much more powerful during the summer than at other times of the year, so it’s crucial to take extra protective measures during these months. Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays, although not quite as intense as UVB rays, possess a remarkable ability to permeate surfaces, thus providing Earth with approximately 95 percent of ultraviolet radiation.

The Problem with UVA Rays and Their Impact on Home and Health

Unlike UVB rays, which are successfully halted by traditional windows at the get-go, UVA rays penetrate your windows and travel directly into your living space. Aside from the more obvious health risks, the infiltration of UV rays can also cause permanent damage to your home’s interior.

Your walls, flooring, curtains, and other delicate furnishings are susceptible to significant fading that increases exponentially over time. Laminate, wood and vinyl plank flooring can also shrink, warp and buckle when repeatedly exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, for both personal and safety reasons, it’s important to take action to keep your home a “safe zone.”

Bringing It Home

Although sunscreen offers an effective barrier, the very thought of slathering it on before draining your morning cup of coffee can be a bit disheartening. Of course, we might consider purchasing room-darkening shades and other sun-blocking window treatments that will shield us from the sun, but living “in the dark” (literally) can prompt problems of its own. A practical solution is to modify the window itself in order to protect your home from damaging UV rays.

Modern Options for Windows That Work

Thankfully, new windows offer protective, UV-banning benefits, making them a wise investment for so many valuable reasons. Aside from their sun-shielding properties, today’s windows are far more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly than the models of yesteryear. Instead of exclusively blocking UVB rays, today’s windows shield against all types of UV rays.

The most effective UV-blocking windows have special coatings in the glass, which screen out almost all of the sun’s harmful rays. LoĒ³-340 glass can’t be matched when it comes to reducing solar heat gain and shielding you from the sun’s UV rays, blocking 98% of UV radiation while also providing glare control and cooler glass temperatures.

Reflective and tinted glass, while not as effective as coated glass, are better alternatives than traditional glass windows, each slashing the UV infiltration by approximately one-half.

A Dynamic Partnership: How XO Windows Can Help Protect Your Home and Family

If you’re on the fence about purchasing new windows for your home, the experts at XO Windows will gladly offer detailed feedback and targeted advice to assist you every step of the way. The professionals at XO Windows will carefully evaluate your home absolutely free of charge in order to suggest only the most targeted, effective solutions for your unique living spaces.

We proudly market Energy-Star Certified windows, so you can rest assured that you’re purchasing the best, most-qualified windows available on the market today.

Contact us to schedule your free consultation, and together, we will work to create a healthier, more environmentally-safe home for generations to come.

Read more about our LOĒ³-340 glass.



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