Replacing That Broken Window: An Investment Worth Making

Accidents happen; sometimes, a broken or shattered window may be the result. And while replacements may not always be cheap, taking care of that cracked or shattered window will actually save you money in the long run.

Energy Waste

Arizona temperatures are known for rocketing into the triple digits. To combat equally high energy bills, energy efficient windows keep cool air sealed in and hot air out. With broken, cracked, or even inefficient windows, your home will be uncomfortable and your energy bills will continue to be high.

South and west-facing windows are particularly vulnerable to the intense sun, and will be the most important to replace.

Your Home’s Value

If selling your home is a possibility in the near future, a broken window could have a drastic effect on the value of your home. What could have easily been replaced for under a few hundred dollars could end up affecting the amount of money you receive for your home by a couple thousand. Appearance is everything in the buying and selling market of a home, and a broken window sticks out like a sore thumb—having the ability to change a potential buyer’s opinion before they even call a realtor.


Besides the money wasted on your monthly energy bills, broken windows always bring the risk of a serious injury. A home with children or pets particularly can’t afford the risk of a fall or cut from shattered or weakened glass. Not only is this dangerous to those who live in the home, but a visit to the emergency room or doctor’s office will not be a cheap outcome.

Waiting to replace a window with broken glass also puts your home interior at risk of damage and break-ins. Outside weather can quickly damage your walls, floors, and furniture, and a broken window is an easy-in for intruders.

Keep Your Home Safe, Its Value High, and Your Energy Bills Low

Whether a window is shattered, or simply inefficient, it’s time for a replacement. You can’t afford the expensive consequences of a damaged window.

At XO Windows, we have a wide selection of energy efficient windows to fit your home and your budget. We’ll help you through every step of the process, until your home is safe and efficient again.

Contact us today for more information on replacing your windows.