Seven Reasons You Need Vinyl Windows


Vinyl Windows

Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling or merely need to replace windows that are showing serious wear and no longer performing, we’ve got some compelling reasons you should be considering vinyl.

1. Long-Term Efficiency and Savings

We gave this one the top spot because, where most homeowners are concerned, it’s vinyl’s most important feature. Since vinyl doesn’t expand or contract with fluctuating temperatures, it seals in cool or warm air better than any other material, which cuts down on waste and saves you serious money on heating and cooling bills.


2. Short-Term Savings

Even though vinyl is a high-quality and practical choice, it’s still among the cheapest options when shopping for windows.


3. Low-Maintenance

Not only is vinyl warp and crack resistant, but chips and scratches are barely visible since vinyl’s color goes beyond the surface. Also, cleaning is a snap, since all you need is some cleaning spray or a little soap and water to make it look good as new.


4. Choice of Colors

Forget having to go the paint store; vinyl comes in almost any color, so you can choose the best color to complement your home without having to go through the hassle of painting.


5. Choice of Styles

Vinyl windows can be purchased in any size or shape and can even be customized for more unusual design ideas.


6. Curb Appeal

Since vinyl windows rarely show signs of wear, they look newly installed for years, with minimal effort from the homeowner.


7. Environmentally Sound

When you choose vinyl, you’re not only cutting down on energy waste and heating/cooling emissions, but you’re also using a material that can be easily recycled once it’s no longer in use.


At XO Windows, Arizona’s largest window distributor, we carry an array of beautiful, durable vinyl window options like:


XO Windows offers several glass choices, as well, including energy efficient, textured, tinted, protective, solar control, etc.


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If you have questions about vinyl windows, glass types, cost, etc., feel free to reach out any time.