New Year, New Custom Windows: Imagine the Possibilities

When it comes to new windows, the sky is quite literally the limit! Perhaps you’ve always wanted a better view of the sky — and the rest of the outdoors. You can get the views you want with beautiful, custom-designed windows.


Imagine creating a focal point inside your home with floor-to-ceiling glass panes, complete with an elegant arch at the top. Whatever your heart’s desire, getting the custom windows you’ve always wanted is a great way to start the New Year.


Custom windows let there be more light.

Large windows are a great option for a finished walkout basement to provide both daylight and a view to a backyard. As an added bonus, now that there’s more light in the basement, you just designed a more inviting room and created extra living space, perhaps for a playroom a home office, or even an extra bedroom.

Square is so last year…or is it?

It’s still hip to be square when it comes to windows, but maybe you want a little variety in your home, too. When squares just won’t do, think outside the rectangle about decorative triangular windows that add variety to smaller spaces, or an octagonal window that creates a focal point in your breakfast nook.

Celebrate your curves.

Arches overhead and circular windows add curve appeal to any home, from traditional to contemporary. Find a curve that fits your style and celebrates your home’s unique personality.



New, custom windows are more than aesthetically appealing, they also add value to your home.

Replacing old windows is an investment you make that increases your home’s overall value, so why not select a layout and design you really like? Adding new windows where there weren’t any before is one way to open up a room, enjoy a better view, or create a unique space. It can mean the difference from liking your home to loving it.

XO Windows is Arizona’s largest window distributor. This year, allow us to help you create the home you’ve been dreaming of with specialty windows and custom designs to fit any style and budget. Get in touch to learn about the available options  – in all shapes and sizes.