Benefits of Sliding Windows


Sliding Glass Windows: Beauty, Benefits, and a Better View

If you’re tired of trying to loosen stuck window frames or asking the strongest person in the house to open the windows for you, sliding windows could be the solution. Sliding windows are an aesthetically attractive window solution that combines wider, more natural views of the outdoors with effortless function.


How do sliding glass windows work?

Sliding glass windows are like sliding glass doors: they open horizontally instead of vertically. Typically, one side of the window remains stationary, while the other pane slides on rollers. Plus, there are limitless options of colors, styles, materials, and finishes to match your home or business.


Sliding windows are easy to open.

Enjoying fresh air in the springtime or letting cool breezes flow through your home are just two of the benefits of easy-opening windows. Well-maintained sliding windows open and close with just a gentle push and are ideal for hard-to-reach spaces.


Sliding windows are low-maintenance.

Generally speaking, sliding windows are a lower-maintenance window option than many traditional windows because they have fewer moving parts. That means easier opening and closing, and less chance they’ll become difficult to operate as the windows age.

Sliding glass windows function smoothly for many years. Some window styles can even be tilted to make cleaning a breeze, both inside and out. Other styles allow you to pop out the glass pane completely.


Siding windows are energy efficient.

Yet another benefit of sliding windows? Their energy efficiency. These windows close tightly to keep climate-controlled air in the inside and minimize drafts from the outside. At XO Windows, we offer the available option of the i89 Surface 4 Low-E glass package for optimal insulation against cold air flow.


With the i89 Surface 4 Low-E glass package, your home or business can be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This high-performance window glass option reflects heat back into the room and improves the transmittance of daylight. The window is smooth, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean, too.


A room with a (better) view.

Wherever you choose to put one of XO Windows’ sliding glass windows, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a wider view to the outdoors. Your eyes naturally see further side-to-side than up and down, so a horizontally oriented window offers a wider, more picturesque view of what’s outside your home or office window. Sliding windows also allow more natural light to enter into your surroundings.


Whether you’re replacing older windows or choosing windows for new construction, XO Windows’ selection of sliding glass windows offers attractive, easy-to-use, energy-efficient options for a variety of decor and designs. Get in touch to find out more.