Specialty Shaped Windows

Specialty Shaped Windows: Beautifully Unpredictable

Most windows are rectangular or square, and quite…predictable.

What if you had a window in your home that you didn’t just look through – you enjoyed looking AT?

Specialty windows can add dimension to your home and give it that extra bit of character it may be lacking. Here are some window shapes you should consider when adding windows to a new home or replacing old ones:


Elegant Arched Windows

An arched window is a great choice for a home with an unobstructed view. From sky to earth, this window will let in plenty of light and scenery. Even if your view is your neighbor’s house across the street, an arched window will give an added touch of elegance to your home.


Striking Triangles

Triangular windows can make the inside of your home feel open and full of life. These windows can fill the space all the way to your roofline and are perfect for bathrooms, closets or stairways. Natural lighting is a bonus feature to this unique, decorative element.


Stop! And Take-a-Look Octagons

An octagon window adds charm to the inside and outside of your home. A bathroom is no longer boring with this shapely addition. With an octagonal kitchen window, food may no longer be the focal point. And, a laundry room with this window may soon be a necessary stop as you’re giving guests a tour of your home.


Compelling Curves

If you’re looking to update your home, circle shaped windows are just the ticket for a contemporary look. If you have a window you want to add height to, try a half-circle at the top. Circle windows can create more spaciousness to a room as well.


XO Windows: The Place to Go for Specialty Windows

Specialty windows are anything but predictable and can add an elegant and distinctive touch to your home. XO Windows is the place to go for specialty shaped windows and we’ll help you pick the perfect ones for your home. Give us a call today.