Seven Reasons You Need Vinyl Windows


Vinyl Windows

Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling or merely need to replace windows that are showing serious wear and no longer performing, we’ve got some compelling reasons you should be considering vinyl.

1. Long-Term Efficiency and Savings

We gave this one the top spot because, where most homeowners are concerned, it’s vinyl’s most important feature. Since vinyl doesn’t expand or contract with fluctuating temperatures, it seals in cool or warm air better than any other material, which cuts down on waste and saves you serious money on heating and cooling bills.


2. Short-Term Savings

Even though vinyl is a high-quality and practical choice, it’s still among the cheapest options when shopping for windows.


3. Low-Maintenance

Not only is vinyl warp and crack resistant, but chips and scratches are barely visible since vinyl’s color goes beyond the surface. Also, cleaning is a snap, since all you need is some cleaning spray or a little soap and water to make it look good as new.


4. Choice of Colors

Forget having to go the paint store; vinyl comes in almost any color, so you can choose the best color to complement your home without having to go through the hassle of painting.


5. Choice of Styles

Vinyl windows can be purchased in any size or shape and can even be customized for more unusual design ideas.


6. Curb Appeal

Since vinyl windows rarely show signs of wear, they look newly installed for years, with minimal effort from the homeowner.


7. Environmentally Sound

When you choose vinyl, you’re not only cutting down on energy waste and heating/cooling emissions, but you’re also using a material that can be easily recycled once it’s no longer in use.


At XO Windows, Arizona’s largest window distributor, we carry an array of beautiful, durable vinyl window options like:


XO Windows offers several glass choices, as well, including energy efficient, textured, tinted, protective, solar control, etc.


We offer free estimates and consultations, during which our experts can help you choose the right type of window for any project. Our installation team is the best in the area and are able to work seamlessly alongside contractors and tradespeople to get the job done on schedule and right the first time.

If you have questions about vinyl windows, glass types, cost, etc., feel free to reach out any time.

Vinyl and Aluminum

Vinyl vs. Aluminum Windows: Four Things to Consider

Picking the right windows for your home may seem like an easy task, but it can quickly turn into a much more complicated process.

If you can’t decide between vinyl or aluminum windows, there are four important things to consider in order to make the right decision:

1. Aesthetics

First and foremost, homeowners are often concerned with how the new or replacement windows will look in their home:

Vinyl – If you are looking for a more “homey” appeal, vinyl windows take the cake. There are typically many different finishes to choose from; however, vinyl windows cannot be painted, so finding an exact color to match your existing decorative painted window surface may be difficult.

Aluminum – Aluminum windows provide a more modern look with thinner frames. Unlike vinyl, these window frames can be painted or power coated, which allows for easy color matching; however, it is difficult to get the look of wood on aluminum with a coating treatment. Aluminum windows are very popular for larger facilities due to their modern, light-weight design.


2. Durability

While vinyl is very durable when it comes to small scratches and dents, aluminum has grown in popularity in areas of extreme weather due to its impact resistance:

Vinyl – Vinyl is durable, difficult to dent and resistant to cracks and scratches. Beyond this, vinyl is not prone to fading or pitting, making it ideal for most homeowners.

Aluminum – While aluminum is also resistant to scratching and cracking, the lightweight nature of the material makes it more likely to dent. Nevertheless, aluminum is a strong material and is typically chosen by homeowners living in hurricane-prone areas due to its overall impact resistance (source). Additionally, aluminum windows tend to provide excellent noise reduction when installed with impact-resistant glass. If window safety and impact resistance is your top priority, aluminum windows may be your best option.


3. Maintenance

Remember, all windows require some level of maintenance. How much work are you willing to put in to your windows?

Vinyl – Typically, vinyl windows involve less maintenance than wood or aluminum. There is no need to repaint or re-stain, therefore the cost is generally lower and cleaning is very easy.

Aluminum – While aluminum windows are not prone to rot, mildew and mold, they do require frequent lubrication to ensure smooth sliding and minimize the chance of pitting inside the tracks (source).


4. Energy Efficiency

Your window’s ability to insulate heat in the winter and keep the house cool in the summer are reflected in your monthly energy bill. Choosing an efficient model can therefore save you money in the long-term:

Vinyl – Vinyl windows are known for their energy efficiency. These windows provide the best thermal break—reducing the amount of heat entering the building from outside. If energy efficiency is a top priority when it comes to your windows, vinyl is certainly the best choice.

Aluminum – Conversely, aluminum is not a particularly energy efficient option; that is, without additional protection installed. However, aluminum windows are easily recycled.


Vinyl and Aluminum Windows at XO

At XO windows, we offer the highest quality vinyl and aluminum windows for replacement or new construction. In fact, both our vinyl and aluminum horizontal sliding windows include top-of-the-line weather proof stripping as well as durable sills that help prevent dust, energy leakage and moisture. We also offer:

Still not sure which windows are right for you? At XO Windows, we provide the experience, information and guidance you need to make the right decision. Additionally, we offer the best window installation and supply in Arizona—so you can rest assured that you are getting top-of-the-line products from experienced professionals.

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3 Reasons Why Vinyl Windows are a Great Choice for Arizona

Here in the Southwest, we have a unique climate and landscape that requires smart choices when it comes to building materials. Between the blistering heat, low humidity and intense sun exposure, our climate makes vinyl windows a great choice for homeowners and builders.


Here’s why…


1.  Vinyl Windows Can Save You Money

If you’re looking for a way to decrease your energy bills, vinyl windows are for you; the increased insulation they provide makes them an ideal choice. Vinyl windows are on average about 20% more energy efficient than aluminum or other commonly used windows.

Here in the desert we see soaring temperatures in the summer and cool, sometimes freezing, nights during the winter. Vinyl windows can help maintain the comfortable temperate you’ve worked hard to create in your home. Vinyl windows are welded together, creating an airtight seal and decreasing dust and air that might slip in. UV inhibitors give you added protection from Arizona’s scorching sun.

On top of energy efficiency, vinyl windows can also increase the value of your home.  Their ROI makes them a great economical choice now and in the long run.

2.  They Look Great

Vinyl windows can not only save you money, but they look great as well. They are made mostly of a plastic known as Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC. PVC windows can be molded to fit any home, which is helpful here in the Southwest where there are a variety of architectural designs and home styles.

Vinyl windows can also be made available in a wide range of colors, shapes and styles.  Their ability to be customized makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your home.

3.  They Require Little to No Maintenance

Vinyl is extremely easy to clean and requires very little routine maintenance. Vinyl can provide the appearance of wood without the threat of termites or other infestations, and they won’t rust, fade, crack or warp. They are also good for noise reduction. Easy to use and easy to clean, vinyl windows are a great choice for the Southwest.

XO Windows has a variety of different types of vinyl windows including horizontal sliding windows, single hung windows, picture windows and casement and awning windows.

Contact the professionals at XO Windows today to see if vinyl windows are right for you!