5 Tips for Replacing your Windows in the Southwest

Were you gazing out your window the other day only to find yourself staring at your windows themselves?  Are you wondering if it is time to give your house a facelift with some new, brighter windows?  Well, here are some tips that you’ll find helpful, especially if you live in the Southwest.

Homeowners and home builders in the Southwest have a couple of special weather components that they need to take into consideration when they are looking into replacing old windows or installing new ones, weather conditions like:

  • Extreme Heat
  • Haboobs (intense dust storms) and monsoons
  • Lack of humidity/moisture
  • Rapid weather changes

These are a few of the uncontrollable aspects of living in the deserts of the Southwest that should be taken into consideration when windows are being installed or replaced.
Here are 5 tips from the experts at XO Windows that homeowners should keep in mind when it comes to picking out new windows.

1. Seal it up!- When houses are built, there is a great deal of time and effort put into insulating and sealing up the house so that expensive utilities are not leaked.  But windows are not made of brick and mortar or lumber, so they tend to be areas of weakness.  It is estimated that 10-25% of your utility costs are leaked out through ill-maintained windows.  When you get your windows installed, make sure that the installers properly seal the windows to the house and get at least dual paned windows.  This will help with the insulation and soundproofing of your house.  This is especially important when your windows have to combat temperatures that soar over the 100s°.

2. Get your lingo right- Make sure that you buy windows that have the right U value (this helps gage the insulating value of the window) and the right SHGC (Solar Heat-Gain Coefficient) rating for your climate; the SHGC rating tells you how well your windows will reflect heat off of or back into your house.  You should also install windows that are Energy Star certified; any window that has this rating has met certain qualifications that make it as energy efficient as possible.  Homeowners in Phoenix, Las Vegas and L.A. run their utilities a lot, especially through the summer to get a break from the heat pulsing outside; A/C bills in the summers tend to be high, so anything that you can do to help keep the cool air in and the heat outside will benefit you in the long run.

3. Did you shut the window?– Maintenance and functionality are important when it comes to reinstalling or installing windows.  You will want to consider the market or who will be opening and closing these windows on a daily basis, and also windows that are easy to maintain and clean are desirable.  You want to find a good fit for your lifestyle.  XO Windows offers: Horizontal Sliding Windows, Single Hung Windows, Picture Windows, Aluminum Clad Wood Windows, Specialty Shape Windows, Vinyl Garden Windows and more.  We also can custom make or retrofit any space with a replacement window.

4. Extra efforts- Once you get your Energy Star Certified windows in place here are a couple things you can do to convince the heat to remain outside.  Before the summer comes on full force check all of your windows to make sure that they are indeed shut and sealed, especially those rarely used windows.  You can always get special thermal curtains to help shut the heat out.  Also, if you are in an area where haboobs and monsoons are common, thinking about investing in shutters isn’t a horrible idea, especially in those rooms where you keep valuables like pianos and electronics.

5. The next step – If you have decided that, yes, it is time to get new windows XO Windows does offer a no-pressure estimation for free to interested clients.  So if you want to get a solid quote and some suggestions for your house from our experts, feel free to give us a call.  XO Windows is always proud to stand behind our work and give our clients final results that will make them glad that they called us. 

These 5 helpful tips will get you thinking in the right direction when it comes to replacing your windows in the Phoenix Valley or other parts of the Southwest, for more information call XO Windows at: (602) 343-1601.

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5 Tips for Window Replacement in the Desert

Where to start when replacing windows in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona

We are usually staring out the window while carefully contemplating something, but have you ever contemplated the status of your windows? When was the last time that you replaced them and how do you know if they even need replacing? Windows have that unfortunate problem of getting no attention until they stop functioning properly or get broken. But emergency window replacement, due to the speed and the immediate need, is usually more pricy, so it makes sense to maintain and replace them properly.

Southwest home owners located in Phoenix, Scottsdale and outlying areas have unique climate and weather issues to deal with when it comes to picking out the perfect replacement window. Here are 5 tips for you to keep in mind when you are installing windows in Arizona or in homes that reside in desert climates.

1. Save Your Energy – When you are looking to replace your windows, many experts say to look for Energy Star certified windows. These are windows that have a microscopic coating on the glass that helps reflect light and heat. This film also stops a high amount of radiant heat and helps lessen heat flow through the windows. When you are dealing with summers that reach highs in the 100’s it is good to have tools that help you deflect as much heat as possible out of the home.

2. Double or Nothing – Single paned windows are not going to cut it in the Southwest; along with finding windows that are Energy Star certified, you are also going to want to invest in windows that are double or even triple paned to maximize the money that you will save on your energy bill. One of the most important aspects that you’ll want to focus on with window replacements is to keep out the heat. Hanging energy-saving solar curtains on the interior of your newly replaced windows can be helpful as well.

3. Weathering the Weather – Though the Southwest and cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, are known for their sunny skies and vacation weather, they also have their days where they wrestle with mother earth. Haboobs, an intense type of dust storm, appear at least once a year in many Southwest states, and the desert usually has an intense monsoon season when it receives the majority of its rain. Broken windows are a hazard so when you do choose your windows, ask your installer what kind of emergency repair and installation they supply.

4. What Can Go Wrong…. – New, intermediate and old windows all have the potential of breaking. In fact, due to Murphy’s Law, soccer balls and baseballs seem to travel towards newer windows more frequently, so when you are purchasing your Energy Star efficient, double-paned windows, make sure you purchase from a manufacturer that also provides a lengthy, credible and comprehensive warranty.

5. Window Returns – As a homeowner, or if you are building a house, you are going to want to look into what kind of return you can expect on your window investment. Windows can be expensive, but they should be looked at as something that will save you money throughout the years in relation to your energy bills. Also, real estate agents often harp on the importance of curb appeal when it comes to selling a home. Potential buyers are judging and deciding on your home way before they ever set foot inside. Windows are a good selling point and have a major affect on the aesthetics of your home.

These 5 tips are all good to keep in mind when you are installing or replacing your windows. As when purchasing any item, it is good to shop around and weigh all of your options so that you will be happy with the finished result. Then your “window shopping” will end in satisfaction.