Garden Window

How to Transform Your Living Space with a Garden Window

Did you know a window can do more than just let light in and allow you to see the outside world?

An XO garden window can transform your living space and bring the outdoors in. This box-like window can completely change the way that you view the room in your home where it has been added.


Perfect for Plant and Flower Lovers

The unique shape of the garden window offers plenty of space for some lovely plants to liven up your home. This window extends out past the rest of your home creating a larger shelf than a normal sill itself. Potted plants that soak up the sunshine are perfect for nestling into this window alcove if it happens to be on the side of your home that gets a lot of sun. Make sure to request a LoĒ³-340 glass to protect your plants from the blazing summer sun. And, if it happens to get less sun, there are shade loving plants that will still look great in this window.


Increase and Better Utilize Your Kitchen Space

Think of how lovely this garden window would be in the kitchen. You could use it to grow fresh herbs. Or, use it for recipes that call for leaving items out in the sun, like sun tea or flower infused olive oil.

It also makes extra space for all those things you have in the kitchen that don’t always fit around the sink.


Sparkling Fun

If you’ve ever been accused of being distracted by shiny objects, a garden window may be perfect for you. Think of your favorite Swarovski crystal figurines, glass bottles, or other items that will be dazzling in the sun. This can be a great place to showcase how lovely your collection is, and brighten up any room in your home.

No matter if you want to bring in more of the natural world, add some potted plants, get garden space, or add a glittering space for sparkling knickknacks, a garden window is a perfect improvement. XO Windows is ready to help you open your living space with our top-quality vinyl garden windows that are energy efficient.

Contact us today to learn more about our windows and get started with your very own garden window.