What Do Baseball and Windows Have in Common?

What do windows and the Arizona Diamondbacks have in common?  Not much, in fact baseballs and windows as a general rule are best off if they stay far, far away from each other.  But window installation and the game of baseball have more in common than what most see at first glance.

For instance, we all want our projects to be homeruns, to hit them out of the park and to be spectacular.  But every project comes with a budget and you need to work within the means of that budget.  Whether you are building a house or a series of houses or perhaps remodeling your own home, it is good to make a plan so that you land within your monetary boundaries.

It is wise to break down a budget for your project and have ballpark figures in mind so that you know what you should allocate towards each major part of the build or remodel.  When it comes to the installation or update of your windows, here is some information that you will find helpful when trying to budget for your windows.

First a brief disclaimer, when we say ballpark figures we really do mean that; pricing windows is a tricky subject to talk about in across-the-board figures because the pricing is determined by several different factors.

Pricing is affected by: the size of the windows, the quality of the windows as well as the installation and the installation can be altered by the construction of the home.

Just like tickets for a baseball stadium, when it comes to window installation, you are going to get what you pay for; if you pay for nosebleed seats, way up high close to the sizzling rays of the Phoenix sun that is exactly what you are going to get.  If you pay for seats that are behind the plate, you are going to have a much better view.

You might see window installation offered for $189.00 by some companies, when you compare that to companies that start their installation at $389.00, the $189.00 might look like a deal.  But when you put that into perspective it is not; with a $189.00 installation you are going to get what you paid for (aka bring your binoculars).  Deals like that are often simply scams and your windows will not be installed properly, or the price will be conveniently jacked up.

Improperly installed windows results in energy leakage and increases your monthly bills.  By installing quality products and windows that are Energy Star certified you can save around 7-24% on your energy bill; proper installation will increase this savings even more.  Leaking windows can be responsible for up to 50% of your heating and cooling costs.

Most window installation companies also offer financing options so that you can make sure that you can afford the type of windows and installments that your home or project deserves and ones that will not hurt you in the long run.  XO Windows, for example, offers a very simple financing program that can be interest-free depending on your credit.  You can contact us for more information any time you want so that you can get windows that start paying you back the moment you get them installed.

So now you have some general ballpark information when it comes to the cost of installing your windows.  The spending of your project must fall short of the boundaries of your budget, but the look and quality of your windows and their installation can soar way beyond the fences.  After all, that is always what we all are swinging for right?

Stephanie Drescher is a professional blogger for XO Windows. The company that provides complete, accurate and on-time delivery for all of your vinyl, aluminum windows and all of your window product needs

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