What Is Window Glazing? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

A window is more than a peek at the great outdoors. Every day, windows protect us from harsh weather and natural elements. They also fill our home with beautiful, natural light.

That’s not to say all windows are equal, though. In order for a window to do its job, it needs to have the right features.

Window glazing is the perfect example. Here in Phoenix, glazing is what will shield you from the desert heat. It can also be what stands in between you and an energy efficient home.


What is window glazing?

Window glazing refers to the glass in a window. Specifically, it influences the transfer of energy, so it’s certainly worth thinking about.

Energy efficient windows are especially important in the Phoenix area. In the hot summer months, air conditioning is a must. But during the winter nights, it can be cool enough to turn on the heater.

The last thing you want is heat sneaking in (or out) of the window. Something tells us your wallet would agree, too.


What are the types of window glazing?


Single Glazing

Single glazed windows are made with just one pane of glass. They don’t offer much insulation, so it’s easy for energy to move in and out. It’s the perfect setup for a heart-stopping energy bill.

If you have older single-pane windows, the glass probably has a “glazing compound.” This putty is used to hold the glass in place and keep out air. It can last for years, but eventually, it will dry out and crack.

Once upon a time, all windows were single pane. Today, they are much harder to find.

Yet, some homeowners like single-pane windows because they have a traditional appearance. If you decide to install them, make sure the frame is made of high-quality material. The windows should come with storm panels, too. This will help you save both energy and money in the long run.


Double Glazing

Double glazed windows have two glass panes with at least 12 millimeters of air in between them. This gap is sealed shut, so the air can’t escape. In turn, the air provides insulation.

The thick barrier of a double paned window also slows down energy transfer. In fact, compared to single glazing, double glazing can lower heat gain (or loss) by up to 30%.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazed windows are made with three panes of glass. Sometimes, the middle pane is a plastic film. In either case, there are two layers of air sealed within the window.

The extra pane makes a significant difference. Because the window is so thick, heat will have a hard time passing through. This makes them a smart choice for cooler climates.

There are even more options to choose from.

Window glazing isn’t just about the number of panes. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a range of high-tech glazing systems.


Low-E Window Glazing

Low-E stands for low emissivity. Low-E glass has a coating of metal oxides that reflect the sun’s energy. Depending on your climate, you can choose a coating that allows or blocks energy.

Hard-Coat Low-E is a strong, durable coating that brings in heat. Therefore, it’s ideal for cooler climates.

On the other hand, Soft-Coat Low-E is a thin coating that reflects 82% of solar heat back outside. It also only lets in 18%. This certainly beats normal clear glass windows, which release 84% of energy into the home.

As you can imagine, we’re all about Soft-Coat Low-E here in Phoenix.


Heat Mirror Glass

Heat Mirror takes it up a notch. A sheet of Low-E film is placed within layers of insulated glass, making it a stellar choice for reflecting heat. The film also blocks out 99% of UV rays.

XO Windows can take care of your window glazing needs.

Do your eyes glaze over at the thought of window glazing? We don’t blame you. There are a lot of factors to consider, especially when you live in the desert.

Let our team know what you’re looking for. Our professional consultants can explain the best double paned and triple paned windows for your style and budget. Most importantly, we’re ready to answer all your questions.

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