Why You Need Energy Efficient Windows in the Phoenix Summer

It’s that time of the year again in Phoenix, Arizona! That’s right, time to reevaluate your home for energy efficient windows. We’ve suffered through a few weeks of something I like to call the “Daily Scorcher,” and it’s only getting more brutal as the summer goes on. And we’ve all experienced the agony of accidental skin-to-metal contact after returning to a vehicle that’s been baking in the parking lot at 115 degrees all afternoon. Attempting to safely drive a vehicle back home when the steering wheel is threatening your fingers with lifelong burn scars is nothing new to your average Phoenician.

These aren’t just off-the-cuff anecdotes, but authentic realities experienced daily by Valley residents. To express it succinctly, it’s annoying. After a full day of passively battling the sun gods, the last thing you want to come home to is a house that’s been permeated by the taint of swelter.

This is exactly why owning energy efficient windows in the Southwest is so important. It’s so warm every day that even a seemingly negligible window leak can cause gross discomfort throughout your home all summer long. When it comes to identifying energy efficient windows in Phoenix, AZ, insulation and deterioration are two key factors to consider.
Poorly insulated windows not only leak heat but can cause moisture build-up and unnecessary noise pollution. And windows greater than ten years old should be serviced to identify points of vulnerability or forthcoming deterioration.

Why Energy Efficient Windows are Good for You

Insulation – So often a tertiary consideration behind the aesthetic appeal and the cost of the window itself, the cost of heating and cooling a Phoenix home is a direct result of the insulation of the window itself. Heating and cooling costs should be considered with a higher priority when choosing replacement windows. Properly insulated windows will minimize the effect on your energy bill.

Energy Star Compliance – Your windows are your protection from the elements and, similar to how you choose what to wear depending on the climate you happen to be in, so should you choose windows that harmonize with your climate. Energy Star performance criteria is based on a domestic climate zone graph which makes window recommendations based on which climate zone you reside in.

UV Protection – What do your baseball cap and hardwood floors have in common? Well, the colors of both tend to fade in direct sunlight as a result of the sun’s UV radiation. To minimize the effects of fading, some manufacturers use the Krochmann Damage Function to estimate the fabric-fading potential of your windows.

You should always do some research before making a significant home improvement purchase. But regardless of how much information you find in your personal research online, the experts are always going to know the best way to install the correct windows in your Arizona home. This is because the vast majority of window replacement and repair tips online aren’t region-specific, and you really don’t need to be taking window replacement advice from an Alaskan. Much better to stick to the local talent when receiving expert advice about your home or improvement project. At XO Windows, we employ an expert team of professionals familiar with our unique desert climate, ready to answer any question you throw our way.

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